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6 More Team bonding activities in Singapore

A wide range of team bonding activities is available in Singapore to bring your staff closer. Whether it’s a company outing, family day, retreat or even adventurous experiences that you are looking for, there are plenty of choices to select from!

Team bonding is the process of bringing people together to build strong ties with one another. It is important to ensure that the relationships between members within your company run smoothly while strengthening their bond by organising fun and interesting team outings.

Here are some of the team bonding activities you can consider:

1. Camping and outdoor activities

If you’re looking for an activity where everyone will get to experience nature, camping is a great choice. It brings everyone together as they pitch their tents or bring out their sleeping bags to sleep under the stars. It allows people to bond with one another without distraction; hearing birds chirping amidst other forest sounds makes it an unforgettable experience! 

Much of Singapore is unfortunately ridden with concrete jungles. However, camping is particularly common in East Coast Park. One would need a permit to camp in these spots, so be sure to secure one!

2. Muay Thai kickboxing training

If physical activity is what you’re looking for, Muay Thai kickboxing training could be an excellent choice! You can go with a smaller group or even pair up mixed genders (although this activity may be better off with groups of the same gender). Much like camping, Muay Thai training lets you bond through shared physical challenges between members.

3. Cooking classes

Whether you’re a group of friends or relatives, it is always fun to bond over a meal! Cooking classes are a great way for everyone to participate in cooking and create delicious dishes together. One can select from a wide variety of cuisines – Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French and more! These classes will also allow time for participants to interact as they work together in completing their meals, giving them an opportunity to get to know one another.

4. Paintball lessons

Have your team tested their competitive spirits by paintballing! It is played in teams of 2 to 8 members, and players are given the chance to eliminate one another with paintballs (which basically works like throwing balls filled with paint). It can be both competitive and fun for participants as they try their best to avoid being hit.

This activity can prove to be a great way for your team members to bond as they work as a unit, as well as an opportunity to learn new abilities and skills. But take note – this is by no means an easy task, so those who aren’t particularly athletic may want to stay away from it!

5. Family day

You could also opt for spending time with the families of your employees or even hold a company retreat. Family days and retreats give you the chance to really interact with one another without distractions and strengthen bonds between employees. It is particularly great to generate empathy and understanding between employees this way, as the sensitive aspect of their lives is left exposed to each other.

6. Archery lessons

A great choice for groups of all genders, an archery lesson allows you to have some time away from work while building stronger ties between colleagues. It also provides an opportunity for people who aren’t athletic or can’t seem to hit the target in normal activities – it serves as a healthy outlet for them instead of allowing negative habits or behaviour to develop. This activity may also allow individuals to develop a competitive side, increasing the intensity of the bonding process.


If you’re an existing company looking to strengthen your team’s relationships, consider organising one or all of these activities for a good time with colleagues! These fun outings will help foster better relationships between employees, making them more efficient and productive when they return back to work.

So there you have it – six fun outings that’ll definitely get everyone in your group bonding! Have a great weekend ahead, and happy planning!

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