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5 More Corporate Retreat Ideas

As you may already know, many companies are trying to host retreats for their employees to bond with one another (despite the tough environment). There are multiple types of corporate retreats to choose from, but one thing is always true: they are full of energy and excitement.

Employees may not have the time to plan and create an engaging trip for their colleagues. There lies an inherent conflict of interest especially when bosses are the ones having the final say. Hence planners like HappySparrow are always facilitating retreats for corporations and SMEs alike. But we always need a sense of direction before we can plan anything; hence we compiled MORE ideas for you to explore!

1. Chalets

Who doesn’t love a chalet? Chalets are great places to stay because they come with amenities, privacy, and space. They’re typically located in the outskirts of civilization where there’s enough peace and quiet for people to relax. This means that employees can open up more, communicate better, make friends easier, and bond with one another more effectively. Not to mention — there’s the undying tradition of BBQs!

2. Theme Parks

Theme parks are always full of life! With roller coasters as their main attraction, you’ll definitely enjoy going there. The themed rides include those from different movies too! Moreover, they also have carnival games for everyone to experience together. Employees can relieve stress by participating in these activities while having fun at the same time! It’s a win-win for everyone!

3. Resorts

Resorts are perfect places to get away from the noisy concrete jungle of the city. This is especially fitting if you want your employees to experience the high life. Relaxing by the pool while sipping on Mai Tais is the dream of any hardworking executive, while such environments also host activities for which networking opportunities are abundant.

4. Campgrounds

Campgrounds are mostly suited for the younger generation who want to experience living in the wild (or woods) for a bit. Although there aren’t many amenities provided, it’s all about making do with what you have and sharing experiences together as a team! This is where creativity comes into play; ideas like telling ghost stories or playing Frisbee at night under the moonlight are great ways to improve relationships within your company. Plus, this type of retreat also makes initial teambuilding much easier!

5. Cruise Ships

Last but definitely not least are cruise ships. This is perfect for those who want to have an even more luxurious and extravagant trip away from work and responsibilities. There are activities like swimming, climbing (if there’s an onboard climbing wall), and snorkelling — all in the middle of the ocean! Plus, who wouldn’t want to dine on delicious food with colleagues? Employees will surely be grateful at the end of their trip!


These are only some of MANY ideas you can put into play as a company, but HappySparrow can give even more options if you request them through email! We’ll also make sure that your employees will benefit from these trips through our professional expertise! For a free consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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