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26 Fun Physical Teambuilding Programmes

In Person Teambuilding Programmes

1. ‘Indiana Jones’ Teambuilding Programme

Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme is a flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. In this special programme, participants are given a drawn-to-scale map of the location in play. On the map, there will be many missions and challenges indicated. The participants are also given visual clues. What the participants have to do is to use their creativity to match the visual clues to the marked location in the treasure map together with specific instructions and missions that they have to fulfil. As everyone is important for the success of this mission, they will need to collaborate (collaboration and seeing the big picture) amongst each other to help find the treasures.

Since this is not a very physical programme, it is definitely safe for the slightly older participants. Communication and being open (building the foundation of right communication and being open to changes) is the key to success for this Challenge Based Teambuilding Programme.  As they only have a certain time to complete the mission, they will have to stay positive (positive mindset when facing challenges) in midst of all the challenging clues. Through this customised treasure hunt, it is also a perfect time for managers to earmark potential leaders or supervisors which they may not see in the workplace.

2. ‘Amazing Sparrow’s Food Hunt Teambuilding Programme

The Amazing Sparrow’s Food Hunt brings people closer together as conversing about the food you like is a great way to break down the “wall”, leading to a higher level of cooperation and trust. Teams will solve various puzzles, receive clues, and travel around Singapore city in a frantic dining race. Locations can be customised too!

There will be some food-based related challenges like:

Creative Food Construction challenge – Teams have to look for items in the hawker centre and they will be required to build a food tower of a certain height. Only when the food tower has reached the required height, then they will be allowed to move on to the next mission. It may look easy, but it is actually not.

Food knowledge Challenge – Teams are supposed to unscramble the words to form the correct local food. The more words they unscramble correctly, the more points they will have. It’s a fun and exciting game as the participants will be constantly laughing and checking with one another. It’s a good way to start a conversation too!

3. ‘Dance That Dance Move!’ Teambuilding Programme

The Amazing Sparrow’s “Dance That Dance Moves” Programme is a special programme that allows participants to dance till they drop. In this special programme, participants are given a drawn-to-scale map of the location in play. On the map, there will be many dance-related missions and challenges. What the participants have to do is to use their creativity to match the visual clues at the marked location in the map together with specific dance instructions and challenges that they have to fulfil.

Participants will be put to the test to dance the popular dance moves like from popular music MTVs like the signature moves from Psy “Oppa Gangnam Style”, Wondergirls “I Want Nobody But You”, Aaron Kwok “Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan”, Los Del Rol “Macarena”, and many many more!

Dance Your Dance Moves programme is one of Happy Sparrow’s latest initiatives to bring more colour to the teambuilding programmes via music and dances. It’s a very fun and engaging team-building programme to be involved in!

4. ‘The Mentalists’ Teambuilding Programme

The “Mentalists” is a series of indoor team-building games specially designed by Happy Sparrow to work on the teamwork, collaborative spirit and creativity of the participants. As the name suggests, “The Mentalists” require participants to strategise and plan solutions to get themselves out of the “Unusual Situations” they are being put in.

“The Mentalists” is one of the most sought after team building programmes for participants who like to work on their brains more than their physical aspects. Because of this, sometimes, “The Mentalists” can also be customised at certain outdoor locations which are convenient to Happy Sparrow’s clients too! It’s 101% customisable after all!

5. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Lazarus Island Edition’ Teambuilding Programme

Yacht parties have become very popular in recent years. However, many of those who had gone onto a yacht before find it rather boring as they have nothing to do in the nearby islands. For a sea sports lover like Happy Sparrow, he is more than happy to incorporate some of his team building games during the yacht events in order to bring yacht parties and yacht networking to a whole new level!

If you think you are resourceful and love exciting missions and challenges, then the Pirates of the Caribbean Teambuilding Programme is for you!! The Pirates of the Caribbean Engagement Programme is a derivation of Happy Sparrow’s very own “Indiana Jones Virtual Engagement Programme”, which is one of the most sellable and popular engagement programmes.

Pirates of the Caribbean _Lazurus Edition is mission and challenges based. Participants are required to be resourceful while embarking onto an “unknown destination” – Lazurus Island with their teammates to complete the mission. In addition, you have to be very time-sensitive too! Different strategies are required in order to achieve mission success.

6. ‘Row, Row, Row Your Paperboat’ Teambuilding Programme

Have you ever been on a boat ride? It’s fun and relaxing, isn’t it? What if you are given a chance to design and build your own boat with your colleague, with Paper Cardboards!?

The Sparrow’s Row, Row, Row your Paper Boat Adventure is a creative and hilarious team building programme, where participants have to design and build their boats using Paper cardboards and material provided for them. The boats have to be well designed so that they can hold on to the weight of an adult, and they must be able to move in the water as well.

This adventure brings participants out of the comfort of their office, where they are required to challenge themselves to make something that is seemingly impossible, work! Lots of communication and strategizing work will take place before the construction phase. And yeah, there will be plenty of chances for the participants’ creative juices to overflow. At the end of the day, everyone is ensured of a good laugh and a day of fun!

7. ‘Whacky Bowling’ Teambuilding Programme

A lot of companies chose traditional bowling as a form of team building programme for their employees because they thought it’s a good way for them to interact. As a matter of fact, as years go by, bowling teambuilding has lost its effect on getting people to work together.

Happy Sparrow has designed this Whacky Bowling Teambuilding Programme to further engage the staff through out-of-this-world bowling experiences where they have to ‘dance to the music’ and bowl at the same time. And to bring out the flavour of teamwork, Happy Sparrow even incorporated “blindfolds” to up the teambuilding effect by another notch!

Skillsets Required
– Ability to work in small groups
– Be crazy
– Self expression
– Just have fun
– Competitive

8. ‘Counterstrike Ressurrection’ Teambuilding Programme

What if we can relive the action and fun of Counter-Strike again? The best part is that you are able to play the game physically in the real world instead of sitting in front of a PC, and play as “Terrorists” who will plant the bomb or play as “Counter-Terrorists” with the aim of eliminating the “Terrorists” and defusing the bomb. You get to plan, seek, disrupt and destroy in a real life but safe environment.

Leveraging on paintball as the means, participants will be able to defend and attack in a customised “war-zone͛” where the Counter-Terrorists will pit their strengths against the Terrorists just like in the Counter-Strike game which we loved to play in the past. The only difference this time is, you get to feel the pain of the thud on your vest (safely of course).

9. ‘Kayaking’ Teambuilding Programme

Singapore is a small country surrounded by water. Wouldn’t it be great if you with a company of friends can be equipped with kayaking skills so that they can explore Singapore in another mode of transport – Kayak!! And don’t worry about safety for the Chief Planner of Happy Sparrow is a Certified Level 1 Kayaking Coach and he will be there to ensure continuous fun and safety of all his participants from start till the end of the programme!

You can choose to have half a day of Kayaking fun with your friends, or if you are more ambitious and want to get a 1 Star Kayaking certification, you can always let Happy Sparrow now. Not only participants will be able to improve their teamwork and communications through this fun programme, but they will also learn the skill sets of a kayaker.

At the end of the two-day programme, the participants will be well versed with the knowledge of identifying the parts of the kayaks, they will also learn the proper techniques to handle the kayaks and the skill sets to manoeuvre the kayaks in the water. Most importantly, they will also be issued with certification from the Singapore Canoe Federation to certify them as a 1 Star Kayaker as too! (provided they have passed the test! For your information, it’s really difficult to fail a 1 Star Course under the supervision of Happy Sparrow, unless you are afraid of water!)

Wow! To be able to achieve the company’s teambuilding objectives and be certified as a 1 Star Kayaker, so much so for killing two birds with a stone!

10. ‘Legend of the Dragon’ Teambuilding Programme

The Legend of the Dragon Teambuilding Programme is a land and water-based teambuilding programme where it uses the mystical creature – ‘The Dragon’ as the theme. Participants are being put through some land-based teambuilding games like the Dragon Balls and the Dragon Warriors before they are put thru the ultimate test – Dragon Boating!

As tough as it sounds, the Legend of the Dragon Teambuilding Programme is actually very safe and participants in their 60s are all welcomed to join as long as they don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions which may affect their health during the programmes.

The Legend of The Dragon programme requires a lot of teamwork and coordination in order to solve the dragon-based missions and of course, to row a Dragon boat. Participants have to work as one and communicate their strategy in order to emerge victoriously. This is a highly sought after half-day teambuilding programme for most companies as participants will be rewarded with BBQ Chicken Wings, Satays, and Chilled Drinks at the end of the programme too!

11. ‘Oppa Kampung Style’ Teambuilding Programme

“Oppa Kampung Style” Teambuilding Programme is a subsidiary of the Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme – a flagship programme by Happy Sparrow. In this programme, participants are exposed to different varieties of challenges that are specially customised to infuse them into the ’60s and ’70s games that kids in Singapore used to play. Games like Eraser Wars, Stamp Cupping, Chapteh, Five Stones, Zero Point, and many many more!

The Kampung Challenges are designed for the participants to allow them to try out the traditional Kampung Styled games so as to have an idea of how the Singaporean kids in their ’60s spent their time.

12. ‘Jumanji’ Teambuilding Programme

The Jumanji Teambuilding Programme (Zoo Edition) is a derivation from Happy Sparrow’s Flagship programme – Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme. In this scavenger hunt programme, participants are given a drawn-to-scale map of the location in play. On the map, there will be many missions and challenges indicated.

Participants are also given visual clues. What they have to do is to use their creativity to match the visual clues to the marked location in the treasure map together with specific instructions and missions that they have to fulfil. By the end of the day, they would acquire animal knowledge which they never learnt before!

As everyone is important for the success of this mission, they will need to collaborate (collaboration and seeing the big picture) amongst each other to help find the treasures. Since this is not a very physical programme, it is definitely safe for the slightly older participants. Communication and being open (building the foundation of right communication and being open to changes) is the key to success for this Treasure Hunt Teambuilding Programme.

As participants only have a certain time to complete the mission, they will have to stay positive (positive mindset when facing challenges) in midst of all the challenging clues. Through this customised treasure hunt, it’s also a perfect time for managers to earmark potential leaders or supervisors which they may not see in the workplace.

13. ‘Enviromental Awareness Adventures’ Teambuilding Programme

In an environmentally conscious world, reducing your waste, reusing your materials and recycling can make a big difference. The main aim of Sparrow’s Environmental Awareness Adventures is to spread the awareness of recycling to the participants through a series of fun games that require the usage of recycled materials.

Environmental awareness means being aware of the natural environment and making choices that benefit the earth, rather than hurt it. Some of the ways to practice environmental awareness include: using safe and non-toxic building supplies, conserving energy and water, recycling, activism, and others.

Participants’ creativity and innovative brain juices are constantly put to the test as they are put through fun and exciting challenges specially designed by Happy Sparrow!

14. ‘Cliff Hangers Adventures’ Teambuilding Programme

The Amazing Sparrow’s “Cliff Hanger” programme is designed for corporate clients to challenge them in the arena of rock climbing. He had redesigned rock climbing programmes to showcase to his clients that climbing can be safe, addictive, and fun at the same time.  Working only with the best climbing professionals, Happy Sparrow is able to bring the best climbing teambuilding programmes to his clients too.

Sparrow’s Speed Climbing challenge – Participants will be required to scale the rock wall and retrieve the points sheet specially planted by the climbing instructors. The more they collect, the more points they will be given. As the Speed Climbing Challenge is a time-based challenge, participants have to scale the wall in the most efficient and derive the most effective method to retrieve those ‘Points Sheets’. The others who are not climbing will have the chance to guide the ‘climber’. Once a climber has retrieved the ‘Points Sheets’, they will come down and let the other participant continue with the retrieval, the time will stop when all participants have successfully scaled the wall and retrieved 6 points sheets.

Sparrow’s Blind-Climb – In this special challenge, the participants will be grouped in pairs, and one of the climbers in the pair will be blindfolded. He/she will have to listen closely to his partner on where to hold and where to grab before they can reach the desired point. Once they have successfully reached the point, they will swap roles. The game will stop when all 6 participants have successfully done a ‘Blind-Climb’!! Effective communication, Focus and Trust is the key to completing this seemingly impossible task. Trust Happy Sparrow, it is possible! Even kids can do it!!!

15. ‘Kite Making Adventures’ Teambuilding Programme

Kites have a long and varied history and many different types are flown individually and at festivals worldwide. Kites may be flown for recreation, art, or other practical uses.

When was the last time you fly a kite? Do you still remember the good old days where we have to make our own kites and trying to ‘fly’ them up in the air by running around? Kite making is a creative team building programme that allows the company and their employees to do something out of their office environment and seeing their creative works soar in the air.

The Sparrow’s Kite Challenge gives participants the chance to reminisce the good old days of making and flying those kites. From the corporate teambuilding angle, participants are supposed to work together to create a company kite, where they have to write down their visions and missions onto the kites. Flying those kites in the air is actually a metaphor to show that whatever goals they have written onto the kites has actually turned into reality. This is also a fun family bonding programme where the adults and kids can let their creative juices flow by creating that special Family Kite together as a family. Kids will love them!

16. ‘Leather Craft Making’ Teambuilding Programme

The Amazing Sparrow’s Leather Craft Making Teambuilding Programme is a fulfilling leather workshop that is great for those who have got no time constraints and participants who are very creative with their hands. You will get to make a useful, simple leather product with your own hands that you can bring back home — a meaningful souvenir that is great for your company/department.

This is a 2 to 3-hour session for a bigger group of thirty or more participants. It will be facilitated by our friendly and humorous leather craftsmen, who will be introducing proper usage of crafting tools and different types of leather. You will make your craft from scratch, by cutting, riveting and finishing the product you have chosen to make.

17. ‘K-Pop’ Teambuilding Programme

Sparrow’s K-Pop Teambuilding is a fun and simple programme which allow participants to put together a K-pop dance just like the worldwide sensation – PSY. They need not have prior dance experience because there will be professional dance trainers to teach them how to become ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’.

The K-Pop Teambuilding Programme is a very fun and energetic activity where participants can let their hair down and dance to the rhythm and groove of the K-Pop music that they have chosen! It is specially designed to bring the participants out of their comfort zone.

Many times, participants will be surprised by how much they can learn and put together within a short span of time! Try it! It could just be that ‘out of the box’ teambuilding you are looking for!

18. ‘Arty Farty’ Teambuilding Programme

Creating arts is also beneficial to relieve stress, exercise creativity, improve eye-hand coordination, and more. Going for an artistic endeavour is one of the best ways to know ourselves and others better.

The latest addition to Happy Sparrow‘s growing arsenal of Team Building Programs in Singapore, the Arty Farty focuses on leveraging art for cooperation. From papercraft to knitwork, there are many art forms you can explore in our workshop. Consider this a superb teambuilding opportunity for any company.

The Amazing Sparrow’ Arty Farty Teambuilding Programme comes from the ‘artistic arm’ of Happy Sparrow, where he allows participants to unleash their creativity via the magic of art. During the entire designing and painting process, participants also get to interact, communicate and give each other ideas as they are painting the perfect masterpiece!

19. ‘CSR’ Teambuilding Programme

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact and consideration of human rights.

It can involve a range of activities such as:

• Working in partnership with local communities
• Socially responsible investment (SRI)
• Developing relationships with employees and customers
• Environmental protection and sustainability

There have been increased demands from employees, customers and government bodies for businesses to be more open about their activities and to reach, and maintain, acceptable standards in their business practice. For employers, CSR is now seen as an important way to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees.

Happy Sparrow helps companies to design and build meaningful CSR Programmes so as to positively impact the organisations of choice by Happy Sparrow’s Clients.

20. ‘Military Style’ Teambuilding Programme

Many clients of Happy Sparrow told him that they would like to experience “military training” in a more relaxed yet realistic way. They want to have scenarios where they can appear as heroes to save hostages or even POWs.

Knowing that the normal Paintball programme can be too boring, Happy Sparrow worked with his overseas partners to create a Specialized Military Teambuilding Programme. Cladded in uniforms donning masks and goggles, they will be equipped with “realistic airsoft guns” (e.g. M16, M4s, AK47s, etc.) to solve certain customized missions.

Happy Sparrow can also incorporate a few jungle survival programmes just for his corporate clients to have a taste of what is it like to be a soldier. They will learn survival skills like how to make an emergency compass, or how to set fire with a bag of water too!

21. ‘Raft Building Adventures’ Teambuilding Programme

Happy Sparrow is constantly looking for ways to make Teambuilding adventures more fun and more exciting for his repeat clients to be engaged in a more physical way. As an avid adventure-seeking guy, Happy Sparrow loves the idea of building things from scratch and transforming them into functional products like a raft or boat. This gave birth to the Raft Building Teambuilding Adventures Programme!

What the participants have to do is use their creative minds to transform a bunch of tyres, wooden poles, big plastic containers so as to bring themselves out of ‘trouble’ based on the series of scenarios that Happy Sparrow will throw at them.

Giving participants the seemingly impossible task is to see find out the resiliency of the participants as a team – whether they are able to overcome all adversities thrown at them and emerge as champions!

22. Customised D&D and Birthday Parties’ Teambuilding Programme

Have you ever gone to a Dinner & Dance or Birthday Parties where you feel that the entire event is so boring, that you wish the entire event could be over soon? Have you ever sat at tables with strangers or people from other departments at the same table and there is awkwardness throughout and you feel that you are totally ‘disengaged’?

What if Happy Sparrow can reverse all these? What if he can keep you engaged all the time during the duration of D&D and Birthday Parties with interesting games and make you feel that you have made a great choice coming to the event?

Welcome to the unique world of Happy Sparrow!! Happy Sparrow customizes Dinner & Dances and Birthday Parties in ways that you won’t be able to imagine. Leveraging on his years of teambuilding experiences, Happy Sparrow actually brings games and fun to the tables where he engages every guest, making them feel special and have loads of fun throughout!

From Military-based Birthday Parties for Sons and Dads, to Spartan-like Birthday Parties, to interesting and engaging D&D, Happy Sparrow never fails to deliver the ultimate objective to his clients – a memorable & out-of-this-world experience!!

Have something in mind but can’t materialize it? Wait no further; quickly give Happy Sparrow a call to customize a D&D and Birthday Parties that you have never experienced before!! It’s 101% customisable after all with Happy Sparrow!

23. Self Defence Teambuilding Programme

Today, we are living in a world of uncertainties. How many times have we read about innocent people getting stabbed or being punched on the street? And these victims do not have any enmity with the aggressors. They are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. What if we can change all these? What if, through a session of self-defence teambuilding, the participants can be more aware of how to use their hands and body movements to deflect potential threats or risks of being punched on the streets.

In this fast-paced society, employees often find themselves stuck at their office chairs and tables, answering and following up with mountains of emails. At the end of the day, they are often tired and not having the energy to do anything else.

Leveraging on the Sparrow’s Self Defence Teambuilding Programme, not only the participants are able to have a day of fun-filled with interesting self-defence related teambuilding activities to complete and get to know more about their teammates, but they will also be equipped with some basic skills of Self Defence where they will be able to have that option of fending for themselves in the face of danger.

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge of constantly being on their toes by being more situationally aware of their surroundings. They will walk away from this self-defence teambuilding with more confidence that they will always have their backs covered by their fellow colleagues too!

24. YOGA Teambuilding Programme

Everyone knows what is Yoga, but not everybody is aware of how yoga can be done in the comfort of one’s office too. Using simple office furniture like chairs and tables, Happy Sparrow has worked with his trusted yoga teachers in Singapore to deliver an Office Yoga Teambonding programme for his clients. Not only are they able to have lots of fun, but they will also be able to learn a new skill where they can use it in their offices too!

Warmup – As it’s important to warm up the general muscles group of the participants since most of them are the first time attempting yoga.

Stretching – Once the muscle groups are warm-up, the yoga teacher will commence stretching the other parts of the muscles group in order to prepare the participants for the chair yoga.

Yoga – The Yoga session is divided into standing and sitting postures where the yoga teacher will teach the participants based on their current ability to do certain postures.

Deep Relaxation Techniques (DRT) – Deep Relaxation Techniques otherwise known as DRT is one of the techniques in yoga that teaches the participants how to relax their tensed up body, using simple methods to make them feel good after the Chair Yoga.

Pranayama – The last technique which the Yoga Teacher will impart to the students is known as Pranayama, otherwise known as Breathing Techniques. Through Pranayama, participants will learn the proper way to breathe! Surprisingly enough, most of us are not breathing properly as we grow up. The yoga teacher will teach you how to once again breathe like a baby through abdominal breathing techniques.

25. Durian Teambuilding Adventures Programme

As the durian season draws near, there are more reasons than ever to head down to the nearest stalls near you to pile up on this king of fruits. And since companies are doing their yearly teambuilding anyway, why not let them experience the food and educational aspect of eating, choosing and opening up a durian too? =)

When being asked what is the best durians in town, most people will blindly shout “Mao Shan Wang”!!! However, do you know how to choose an authentic Mao Shan Wang durian? What about the other types of durians like red prawns, D13, D124 and even the Kampung Durians. How to differentiate the good from the bad? How do you determine if a Durian is top-notch, or just ‘so-so’ only?

26. BBQ Teambuilding Programme

BBQ Teambuilding is one of the creations created by Happy Sparrow. Being a food lover, he loves all kinds of food, not to mention BBQ. But he is able to help companies build their team through a unique “BBQ Teambuilding Programme” specially created to bond the employees through customised games.

The Amazing Sparrow’s BBQ Teambuilding Programme is based on the flagship Indiana Jones Teambuilding Programme by Happy Sparrow. In this special programme, participants are given a drawn-to-scale map of the location in play.

On the map, there will be many missions and challenges indicated. Once they have completed the stipulated missions, the respective team will then win the BBQ materials (e.g. charcoal, fire starters, match sticks, tongs, aluminium foil, etc.), which are the needed for the BBQ event.  In the missions, participants are also given visual clues. What the participants have to do is to use their creativity to match the visual clues to the marked location in the treasure map together with specific instructions and missions that they have to fulfil.

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