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18 Most Engaging Virtual Engagement Programmes in Singapore

Teambuilding Games Singapore

Do you know your colleagues well enough?  Or are they just hi-bye friends? Perhaps, you should try some super engaging fun team building activities because they are the surest way for both your team and you to bond in a light hearted and fun manner. These fun team building and engagement activities; Be it physical, hybrid or even virtual team building activities, not only create a better bond within your team but ultimately form a better company culture.

With this list of 18 Most Unique and Fun Virtual Team Building Games in Singapore, you can compare the activities to find what’s best suited for your company’s next corporate team building event!

1. Toilet Roll Passing Virtual Engagement Programme

This virtual engagement programme is one of the most innovative initiatives by Happy Sparrow in 2020 when COVID 19 affected the entire world. It not only allows the employees of companies from different regions to ‘let their hair’ down during this down period. It also helps to connect them and they can work on their teamwork and communication skills too.  Happy Sparrow was also being interviewed by Primetime News Singapore, Mediacorp Channel 8 News  on 14th Jun 20 for this unique programme too!

Lots of coordination, communication and trust is needed in this Virtual Teambuilding Programme. There is a ‘Story-Line’ tagged to this programme so that at the end of the activity, the truth will be presented to each and every participant to make them understand what they were told to do makes sense. At the end of it all, a positive message will be spread by the participants to share with the world too!


The Squid game is a literal translation of a popular schoolyard game played by Korean children during the 1970s and 1980s. It’s described as a “type of tag where offense and defence use a squid-shaped board drawn in the dirt. In the show, a crew of very ‘desperate’ South Koreans—all mired in debt—are lured to a remote island where they’re to play a series of games from which the winner will emerge a multimillionaire. Soon things take a turn for the darker, beginning with the most gruesome game of Red Light, Green Light you’ve ever seen. 

Of course, Happy Sparrow will not wanna bring his participants to the ‘dark side’ for sure. In the Sparrow’s Edition of the Squid Games, he will ‘mirror’ a few of the games and let the participants understand the ‘alternative ways’ to play them virtually.  And best of all, he will even teach you a trick or two during the game play so that you will be able to enjoy this spectacular Netflix series in a better way too! Now, that’s ‘killing’ two birds with a stone, isn’t it?


If you love to read mystery books and love CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) and love the thrill of solving all the ‘mysteries and puzzles’ connected to the stories, then this is the perfect programme for you!  A unique scenario will be painted to the audience before the commencement of the programme, and it will be up to the team to ask the right questions and piece up missing links and connect the dots in order to solve the mysteries!

As it’s a time-based programme, if you and your teammates love this game, you might even be given another mystery to solve after the first one too! Try it! You’ll get hooked!


If you think you are resourceful and love exciting missions Iand challenges, then Indiana Jones Virtual Engagement Programme is for you!! The Indiana Jones Virtual Engagement Programme is one of the most exciting online programmes which is mission and challenges based. You are required to be resourceful while waiting with your teammates to complete the mission. In addition, you have to be very time-sensitive too! Different strategies are required in order to achieve mission success.

There will be lots of fun and laughter along the way as the missions designed, often than not, make you and your colleagues laugh while attempting them. As there will be special prizes for the fastest team who has completed all the missions, this programme promotes lots of friendly competition and collaboration for the company employees and employers as a whole! Try it! You will love it!!


Huat Ah!” is a Bingo-like programme where all participants will be given a series of interesting series in a unique Matrix of 4 x 4 or even 5 x 5 squares or even a very odd combination matrix. The questions asked can be related to some interesting fact about the participants or their family members. (E.g. Which one of you has a twin in the house? Whose kids can speak 4 languages? Who can eat chilli padi without having to drink water? Etc.) All these questions can be customised and prepared and shown on the Zoom platform.

Company Core Values, Missions and even their Visions can be embedded into this interesting programme too! Voted by Happy Sparrow’s Clients as one of the most interactive programmes since 2020 till date! Try it for yourselves too! You will be amazed at how much you can learn from your colleagues through this engaging game!


If you like scavenger hunt related programmes, perhaps it’s time for you to up the ante. Why not try looking for “Ah Huat” in a busy street of a particular area in Singapore? Inspired by the Old School Game of “Where’s Wally?”, “Where’s Ah Huat” is a fun and interactive virtual ‘Missing person’ hunting programme that Happy Sparrow has developed!

Teams are given a stipulated time to look for this missing person called “Ah Huat”. During the search for “Ah Huat”, the team members are able to find out very interesting facts about the area of search too! However, after finding Ah Huat, that’s not it! There will be  other unique characters for you to discover too! Like Ah Lian, Ah Beng, Ah Hwa too! Its a fun and Hilarous programme that engaged the entire team! Try it!

7. Virtual Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle is an American musical reality competition television series which premiered on April 2, 2015, on Spike, later known as Paramount Network. The show is based on an idea by Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski, in which celebrities battle each other with lip sync performances.

In the Amazing Sparrow’s Virtual Lip Sync Battle, participants get to display their ‘artistic’ side and ability to ‘lip sync’ with the songs of their choice. Participants also have to choreograph unique ‘dance moves’ and dance to their hearts’ content with their teammates in Zoom! All these are done for the main reason: To beat their competitors who are doing the same thing in the other breakout rooms!!! It’s a time where participants get to let their hair down, dance and sing to their favourite tunes!

8. ‘Home Alone’ Virtual Engagement

“Home Alone” Virtual Engagement Programme is a fun ‘Scavenger-Like’ programme where every employees/ participant can participate in the comfort of their home. The main aim is to help their team win as many points as possible, through the list of unique things that can be found in their house. This programme requires respective team members to find unique items as requested by the Host.

At the end of every item found, the host will have a leaderboard to note down the points. However, that’s not all. The ability to find those unique stuff is only part one of their mission, as there are other interesting missions that follow after they have found those stuff required by the host. There will be so much fun and laughter that you will feel that you are never alone!!

9. ‘Macarena Dalgona Coffee Making’

Dalgona coffee—it started as a Tik Tok trend in 2020 when the entire world had been shaken by the COVID 19 pandemic and had exploded all over the internet as a must-have drink if you are working from home.

If you’ve got instant coffee, sugar, and water on hand, you can make this. It’ll go by faster if you have a hand mixer, but a humble regular whisk, one powerful arm, and a good dose of patience and endurance will get you there too—just make sure you’re ready to feel the burn in your triceps and biceps and you’ll be rewarded with a nice tall glass of cold, creamy coffee that’s sweetened just right. Depending on how much of a caffeine rush you want, this recipe makes enough Dalgona fluff for one or two servings. It’s delicious but very strong: drink at your own discretion! A fun and very engaging virtual programme where everyone will have a great laugh and a great coffee to last them an entire session!

10. ‘Picasso Is Alive’ Virtual Programme

Having communications issues within your company? Want to solve it in a fun way so that the employees have fun and indirectly learn the importance of great communication? Not able to do it offline as your employees are still working from home due to COVID-19? No worries! Happy Sparrow has just the programme you are looking for!

Picasso is Alive!!” is a very interactive programme where each team will select their unique artists and Descriptor. The aim of the Artists is to Draw. The Role of the Descriptor is to tell the Artists how to draw. However, the catch is, the Descriptor can only tell the artists to draw shapes, lines and colour only.

To make it interesting, there will be certain “Special Powers” given to the Artists by the Host. This is a very fun and interactive game because as one team is attempting, the other teams will be observing how this game is being played and they will have to strategise amongst their teammates how to have a better chance of winning.  End of the day, we will showcase the masterpiece from every team and ask people to vote which drawing is the best drawing.

11. Guess the ‘SECRET Number’ Virtual Programme

Guess the “Secret Number” is a very fun and engaging game where the host will first get a secret number anywhere from 0 to 1000 or 0 to 10,000! Once the number is being generated, the host will go to the participants, one frame at a time and he will ask them to call out a number.

For example, if the secret number is 657, and if a participant calls out 100, the host will say Higher. And when the host goes to the 2nd participant, the participant has to call out another number that is higher than 100. If the 2nd participant calls out 900, the host will say ‘ lower’. This will go on until the ‘unfortunate’ or ‘fortunate’ participant calls out the correct number. The host will then turn his attention to him/ her and will ‘Zoom’ into the participant for him/ her to seal their fate in the ‘ROYAL FLUSH’ where they either get to answer a question, do a short performance or if they are lucky enough, just walk away with a Secret Present without doing anything at all! Their fate is In their hands!

Guess the Secret Number is a very interactive and funny game as you can see participants shouting in ‘fear’ as they do not want to be the ‘lucky’ person calling out the correct number!

12. Amazing Race – ‘World Edition’ Virtual Programme

The Amazing Race is an American adventure reality game show in which teams of two race around the world. The race is split into legs, with each leg requiring teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and travel by airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show. Even before COVID 19, most TV viewers have this dream of taking part in a world race in the hope of winning $1million dollars!

In 2020, as the whole world embraced the impact of COVID 19 ‘invasion’, all these dreams of travelling around the world seems to have been shattered. However, with the introduction of Zoom, Happy Sparrow has managed to revive the dreams of travelling virtually! In fact, right now, more participants are able to participate in the Amazing Race Virtual Engagement Programme – The World Edition series by Happy Sparrow. Not only you are able to be transported to remote countries like the Himalayan mountains, you will be inserted into the deep Amazon Jungle with your teammates to attempt impossible missions too!

If you think you are resourceful and love exciting missions and challenges, then The Amazing Race Virtual Engagement Programme is THE VIRTUAL PROGRAMME for you!! This was voted as one of the most exciting online programmes by Happy Sparrow’s clients in 2020. Not only it is mission and challenges based, it is time-based too! You are required to be resourceful while waiting with your teammates to complete the mission and you have to be very time-sensitive too! Different strategies are required in order to achieve mission success.

13. ‘So You Think You Can Act!?’ Virtual Programme

“So You Think You Can Act” [Voice Over Virtual Programme] is a competition exclusively targeted to recognize the talent of ‘home made’ directors, actors, actresses, videographers, sound man, script writers etc from our very own office!

Participants have to first choose a popular movie trailer.  Then they would have to think of a Theme how they would want to change the entire feel of the movie trailer from Horror to comedy, or from Actions to Horror etc.  The chosen Actors simply have to do a series of voiceovers to change the entire contents from the original trailer.  There are many reels or featured movie clips to choose from, in many genres from drama to comedy.

What makes “So You Think You Can Act” unique from other virtual programmes? Every team comprise of many different participants and they get to hold different roles.  To create a ‘brand new’ trailer clip from the original to one with different genre and different intent, it takes lots of team work to get it organised and done.  Of course, time is not really on the participants’ side as they are given a stipulated time to come up with a ‘uniquely theirs’ clip.

14. ‘Amazing Mural Hunt’ Virtual Programme

If you like to travel and explore new places, and you don’t mind ‘‘walking’ around looking for these amazing Murals, this is the programme for you!! The “Amazing Mural Hunt” Virtual Engagement Programme is the latest online programme that Happy Sparrow has developed. Not only will you be able to visit new places during the activity (can be local or overseas), you will be required to work hand in hand with your friends to fulfil certain missions’ objectives too.

By the end of the programme, you will be able to learn about the interesting stuff of that venue in play, and both you and your friends are going to have so much fun as you will be laughing at yourselves for the funny missions you all have to fulfil within a stipulated time.

15. ‘Masks On With Love’ Virtual Programme

“Masks On with Love” Virtual Teambuilding Programme is a subsidiary of the top-selling “Toilet Roll Passing” Programme by Happy Sparrow. This game not only allows the employees of your company to ‘let their hair’ down during this trying period (COVID 19), it also helps to connect the employees and get them to work on their teamwork and communication too.

Lots of coordination, communication and trust is needed in this game. There is a ‘Story-Line’ (safety-related) tagged to this programme so that at the end of the programme, the truth with be presented to each and every participant that what they are told to do makes sense.

Happy Sparrow is able to work with companies who want to infuse their safety messages within this programme too. Just let Happy Sparrow know how you want him to weave it in!

16. ‘Dream Weavers’ Virtual Programme

Do you like to listen to stories? How about telling amazing stories to your friends? Welcome to The Dream Weaver virtual engagement programme by Happy Sparrow! This programme is specially designed for participants who are goal oriented (as there are several interesting missions for them to fulfil during the game play) and also for participants who are very creative and are able to link one thing to another and telling a story from those things that they have linked!

This programme is very suitable for participants who are doing sales, as they have to constantly think on their feet and be able to be creative at times too. This programme is also suitable for those who love to create interesting stories out of the challenges that are given to them. Try it! You will be surprised how well you are able to link and chain things together!

17. ‘The Spy, The Mundane & The Clueless’ Virtual Programme

Have you ever had this funny thought of being a spy? Or being a secret agent like 007? I am sure you do! Cos Happy Sparrow thought of being a secret agent like 007 too! Well, he has to give up that idea because he knows it is gonna be dangerous being a SPY, and Happy Sparrow can’t live without engaging with his clients! After some research, Happy Sparrow managed to develop a very engaging Virtual Programme – “The Spy, The Mundane and The Clueless”! And yes, now you can be a ‘Spy’ right at the comfort of your home!!!

“The Spy, The Mundane and The Clueless” is a very interactive communication based programme for companies with smaller groups of employees who want to further engage their staff in the virtual world. The usage of the right choices of words is very important if you want to be a good Spy in this game. End of the day, there will be lots of fun and laughter as employees constantly engage with one another throughout!! This is your best chance to be a SPY in Happy Sparrow’s virtual world, where else?

18. ‘Theme-based Virtual Retreats, D&D & Events’ Virtual Engagement Programmes

Ever wanted to hold a theme-based Company Dinner and Dance virtually and don’t have the relevant know-how? Always wanted to get in touch with your counterparts from overseas through a Virtual Engagement experience but feels overwhelmed by the fact how you can engage each and every one of the participants? Have no fear, Happy Sparrow is here for you!

For a theme-based Virtual Event to materialize, Happy Sparrow just needs to know what is the theme of your particular D&D/retreats. How long do you require the events for? Will there be any lucky draws involved? Are there going to be a special performance or a video showcase during the programme; Are there any other specific event highlights that you would want to incorporate into the programme.  With all these inputs, Happy Sparrow will be able to curate a Uniquely Yours event, so that you can find it very relevant to you and your colleagues during the entire programme too!

Such programmes do not have to be confined to only Singapore, through Happy Sparrow’s Virtual Arena, you will be well connected with your friends from South East Asia, to the Asia Pacific and around the world, all with a click of a button! You get to save all the travelling costs, and spend it wisely to better engage with your friends and perhaps even to incorporate some of the budget saved, into Lucky Draw prizes too!

If you have a company D&D/retreat/event coming up, and you have a certain theme in mind, wait no further. Kindly contact Happy Sparrow for him to show you his magic! You will be surprised!

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