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3 Teambuilding Activities For Introverts

Team building activities are crucial to create a close-knit, high-trust team that becomes more productive.

There is a scientific approach to collaboration that utilizes the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields.

It is also well-known that introverted team members generally hate team-building activities especially when they are done in a big group.

Therefore, one of the biggest challenges to ensuring a successful team-building session is to consider the behaviour of the entire team.

Why is team building important?

Team building events whether it is done in person between team members or as a virtual team building session is important because:

  • Fun team-building activities help create a positive mood.
  • Team building exercises encourage a new group to get to know one another.
  • Allow team cohesion between new team members.
  • Help introverted employees feel comfortable together.
  • Improve communication between team members and strengthen trust and cooperation.
  • Encourage people to break out of their comfort zones and meet other co-workers
  • Develop team members’ social skills.
  • Level hierarchy and strengthen team bond between leaders and team members
  • Create a safe environment for learning and participation.

There are so many benefits to having team-building activities but how do you make it fun for introverted team members?

Here are some tips to help introverted team leaders and team members enjoy a team-building session:

1) Break them up into a small group

In order to harness the full potential of introverts in a team environment, it is best to focus on solving any social unease they may face to encourage full participation.

The most important thing you can do is to run team-building activities in groups of under 5 people.

Smaller groups will encourage introverts who are uncomfortable with having the spotlight on them to connect with members quickly.

It is important to remember that introverts do not enjoy a lot of fanfare and prefer a more relaxing and effortless conversation style.

2) Choose quieter icebreaker games

Introverts prefer to be managed with a light touch; any noise and chaos will inhibit them to build confidence during the team building session.

Overtly competitive games such as feeling forced to reveal personal information, being put on the spot, physical touching, and dealing with the energy of a large group of people should be avoided.

However, if an introduction game is required to introduce team members, consider giving permission to give people a safe space.

3) Don’t force participation

Introverts do not enjoy being in the spotlight.

Therefore, you can warn them beforehand about any activities they may be potentially uncomfortable with and allow them to sit the activity out if it is uncomfortable for them.

Generally, a warm-up group will be fine with holding or touching hands for a short period of time but resist physical touch beyond that.

Take great care planning breaks like group massages, being in close personal space, or games where more than hands need to touch.

What team-building exercises are suitable for introverts?

Introverts prefer playing games that require creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, reading body language, and other games that require using the mind.

Some examples of team-building activities that are suitable for introverts include:

  • movie night
  • escape rooms
  • scavenger hunt
  • cooking class
  • board games

There are also great virtual team-building activities that are great for a remote team to encourage team bonding.

1) Pet projects

One of the best team-building activities is having everyone on your team share their favourite pet project.

This can be a current project, a past project, or even a desired project.

Activity: Ask everyone to go around in a circle and answer the following question:

Do you have a passion project or hobby you look forward to doing in your time off?

When someone doesn’t have a pet project, you can just switch the question to:

If you had unlimited time or money, what would your pet project be?

2) Virtual Murder Mystery Party

A virtual murder mystery is basically like playing “Clue” except it’s all virtual and a lot more elaborate.

Clues, trivia, scavenger hunts, reading case files, and examining clues are all parts of a murder mystery.

3) Slow Dating

This can be done in person or as a virtual team-building activity.

Suitable for new team members, it is designed to allow you to connect with people.

The emphasis is placed on small groups each time since an introvert will pull back from large audiences.

The first person in the group is handed a blank booklet and a pen or they can type it in the group chatbox under an anonymous username.

They write or type a question and pass it on to the next person who answers the question and then writes or types another question.

Each person gets a chance to do this and the last person will read the questions and answers whilst the other team members guess who wrote the question and answers.

This is not an activity that will draw attention to the introvert since responses are basically anonymous until the end.

It should, therefore, be a fun way to get them involved.

4) Plan reflective team building activities

This is certainly an idea that would go over well with an introvert as introverts spend much of their time in their heads and are aroused very easily and with less stimulation than an extrovert.

A great idea for a simple team-building exercise is to ask them to watch a video, or read a story and then write personal thoughts afterwards.

It would be easier to start with this, instead of ending a day of activities with this activity.

This will allow the introvert to open up to the day ahead, and to engage actively with other individuals from the onset.

After all, being an introvert doesn’t mean they act like hermits and nomads.

They do often engage with other people, though they may shy away from more open and daring activities.

If you incorporate this into your day then you might have an easier time getting them to participate later.

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