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Top 6 Running Man Games for Team Building

Running Man Games for Team Building

Team building is an important part of a successful company. It helps coworkers get to know one another better by learning more about their strengths, weaknesses, and interests, and improves the overall team morale. One way to have a lot of fun while also improving your team’s bond is through running man games.

What are Running Man Games and why are they Good for Team Building?

Running man games are a type of game that gets its name from the popular South Korean TV show, “Running Man.” The basic premise of this type of game is to have teams play against one another and complete various tasks or challenges.

There are many different types of running man games, but all share one common goal: to get teams working together in order to complete the challenge. This can be a great way for team building companies to help coworkers learn more about each other while also having some fun.

Here are six of our favourite running man games for team building.

Team Members Guess Quiz Game

This game is simple but effective. One person will describe words or phrases on cards to other team members, who need to figure them out correctly. The other team’s mission is to confuse their opponents by screaming, clapping and humming songs! As the game progresses, each team’s roles will be reversed. The winner of the game is the team that figures out the greatest number of words.

Pocky Game

This game is played with a member of each opposing team. Each member has to bite down different ends of a Pocky (cream-filled biscuit) stick at the same time. If a person is the last to release the stick, his or her team wins.

Queen Dodgeball Game

The aim of the classic dodgeball game is to hit the other team’s players with balls, but if you get hit then you are out of the game. However, in this twist to the classic game, each team selects a queen and a protector who will prevent the queen from getting hit. However, if the protector is hit, another person will assume the role of protector. The team that hits the last person to be the protector and the queen wins the game.

Water Piggyback Game

This version of the original water piggyback race is complicated but very fun to play. Each team will start out by piggybacking one member of their team who is carrying water in his or her mouth. The team will then have to race from the starting line while still piggybacking their team member. The first team to cross the finish line wins the game.

Catch the Thief Game

During this game, a postcard is given to each player of a team. However, a thief postcard is hidden in one of the postcards. A player then receives a postcard from the person on the right side. The game ends when someone obtains the thief postcard.

Chopsticks Break Game

As the name suggests, the objective of this game is to break the chopsticks. At the start of the game, you must place the chopsticks between your fingers. Next, try to break them by striking your hand on the desk. Every member of the team gets a chance to break the chopsticks. However, if a member does not succeed, the turn goes to the other team.

Closing Thoughts

Running man games are an excellent way for a team building company to build team rapport while also having loads of fun. These five games are just a small sampling of the many different types of running man games that are available.

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