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The Efficacy of Team Building Activities

What are team-building activities?

It alludes to the set of activities that aid to strengthen a team/ group of members or to soften the existing friction amongst team members/ mates. Whether these activities take place at the workplace or at school; in any case, activities need cooperation between the participating people since that would promote, inculcate the feeling of teamwork, and offer the opportunity to strangers within the group to finally break the ice.

Corporate team building:

The main focus of these kinds of events is to motivate and elevate the productivity of the employees. It is vital to understand that there is more often than not a correlation between a well-coordinated group of workers and more profits. This is the underlying cause as to why innumerable corporations turn towards activities such as these with a foresight to make more profits as well as bring about interactivity and unity among the group members.


Experts in the field have segregated corporate team building activities in Singapore into four different stages:

  1. Initial stage
    2. Processing stage
    3. Normalizing stage
    4. Performing stageThe first three stages have the group members be educated about the basic value of trusting one another and working with each other towards solving some of the common issues that come along with working in oneness. The ‘performance stage’ requires the workers to be motivated and productive to achieve specific aims and objectives. The manager’s responsibility requires him/ her to move the set of people across each stage and make them develop their skills to the extent of being ranked among the top performing teams.

    Bringing about the much-needed evolution in attitude is fundamental for all members of the group. Teams are known to produce better outcomes because of the combined effort brought into force. A set of individuals together can come up with a plethora of new ideas and solutions as compared to each team member individually working towards attaining a solution by themselves! Having proper and solid corporate team building events is going to provide managers with ease in handling the workers and resolving their troubles.


    Some of the major objectives of these kinds of events are to promote collaboration, enhance group action and develop the value of trust in every member. A firm that does not indulge in team building activities could have workers seek for themselves and make a competitive spirit among themselves itself, which could harm your business horribly!

    Take the plunge and bring your company on the top of the competitive ladder by introducing these types of motivating events and workshops to have your workers work towards unity and bring about the much-needed boost in your business.

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