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Team Building Activities That Work

In any business or company, having a sense of unity coupled with strong communication can really boost productivity. There are many different ways to achieved this and one of this will be through team building activities. Individuals that are able to work well together within a team can bring highly positive results. When everyone is happy, the workplace will also be happier.


This is one of the type of team building activity individuals can consider to improve the way they communicate. The main idea for this activity is to have people open up and share their experiences. These kinds of activities are also considered icebreakers.

A good activity for this may be life highlights which is considered a quick icebreaker. This activity is ideal for smaller groups as each individual will need to think about the highlights of their lives. These moments can be career, personal or any exciting adventures they come across. So the general idea for this team building activity is two parts. The first part will be giving the individuals the opportunity to reflect on their past and achievements. The second part will be them able to share their experience with the team. This will increase the bond as most of this experiences are personal.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is considered an essential skill to have in any work environment. This will be important for individuals to solve any problem individually or within a team which may be more effective depending on the situation. There are many different team building activities that focuses on this aspect.

Puzzles are always a good option for this kind of activity. There is also a time limit involved especially when there are multiple different teams involved. For this activity, everyone within the team will be involved and the task may vary for different types of puzzle. The main goal for this activity is to make sure that each person understands that everyone has their own task to complete so that the bigger goal may be achieved as a team.


Planning is a huge part of any working aspect. As an individual it is important to understand the most efficient way to plan. Team building activities are able to help build the skill needed to plan efficiently individually or within a team. There are many different types of activities which involves planning.

A simple activity which you can consider is Creating your own Activity. This will involve many different aspects. Ultimately as an activity leader, you will want people within groups of 4-5. What they will have to do is to come up with an activity which will showcase the problem and also the solution to said problem. Once all is done, each group will have to present the activity to everyone. This activity is great because it promotes planning, trust, time management, communication, and creative thinking.

There are many different types of activities that can cater to smaller or larger groups. At the end of the day what is important is that everyone is able to enjoy and improve their overall mindset albeit professionally or personally. Team building activities can be done almost anytime and it is also a good way for people to get along better within a working environment.

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