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Team Building Activities that Your Team will LOVE

We all know that a strong bonded team makes it easier to achieve any given tasks or meet KPIs in any given organizations today. There are several factors that affects the strength of such team bonding in a given scenario. The key to overcoming such challenge and to improve team cohesion is through team building activities. It is then no stranger to anyone especially in Singapore, that organizing team building activities in Singapore is key to a strong bonded team.

In reality however, it is easier said than done. Common team building activities are usually difficult to accept, at least it’s not for everyone. Your colleague sitting next to you may feel uncomfortable joining the activities while others may feel the activities as a waste of time. Some may even dread the opportunity cost by thinking about the amount of work that they could have done during the time wasted.

To address such challenges, it is hypothetically important to address the misconception of several assumptions associated with team building activities in Singapore:

  • The programs are all essentially about building trust among team members to make sure everyone is in cohesion and heading towards achieving one common goal.
  • Constructive Criticism are always welcomed in team building activities. Mistakes do happen but it’s about courage to speak up the mind without fearing consequences or repercussions.

Here we have keep a list of top three team building activities in Singapore that participants love, according to our experience.

Campfire Talks

Put down five topics that are related to the office, arranging them side by side in an organized cards and leave them next to the campfire so it is visible to all team members. Next, gather everyone in the office and ask someone to start by relating their experience to the topics that were visible. After finish sharing, the member point to the next one. The next member will rehearse the similar steps. Members that have been chosen cannot be selected again.

At the end of the talk, ask every participant to conclude what they have heard and how they derive to their conclusions and check with them how they can improve once they’re back to the office.


The game is very common. In this game, each participants have to tell both one lie and truth about themself. The team member then choose by guessing one another on their own statements. Team that guess correctly gains a  point. The team with the most points will be rewarded. It can be additional day off or longer lunch breaks. Usually the difficulty here is increased to 2 or 3 truths vs one lie.

The Perfect Square

To begin with the game, you’ll need a long rope and a blindfold for one participant. Next, team members are then arranged in a circular  form holding a piece of rope and blindfolded. You must then ask the team members to walk a short distance away from where they were initially standing, following then asking everyone to form a square instead of a circle, without removing the blindfold. This game has been proven to build stronger core communication skills and improve on leadership capabilities.

In conclusion, there are many types of team building activities you can think of that can improve team cohesion. However, it is better to leave these kind of tasks to specialist who specialize in team bonding activities in Singapore or team building activities in Singapore. They have the experiences and the organizing capabilities to ensure that the team building program is a successful one without wasting too much time and resources trying to do one.

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