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Superdaddies Teambuilding Programme

What do Superman, Spiderman and dads have in common? That’s right, they’re all superheroes. Except for the fact that dads do not have superpowers. But to us, they always come to our rescue and are our own dad is our own personal superhero. With this in mind, Happy Sparrow brings to you Superdaddies Teambuilding Programme which is specially created to allow companies to recognise the tremendous contributions made by the “daddies” of the company.

All eligible “daddies” will be given a certain super hero name. But what’s in a name if they don’t act the part? The “daddies” will have to get into the roles they are given and they have to do it well in order to rightly be given the title “Superdaddy”. Some props will be given to the “daddies” to assist them in dressing the part. However, that is not all, they would have to source for their own super hero’s item to be used as props. To make this slightly more challenging, there is a time limit to take into account as well. Finally, once they have gathered all parts of their costume, we have a program in place where they can showcase their super acting skills and act out their role.

This program is great for any Dinner and Dance programme, bringing a fresh twist to it as well as loads of fun and laughter! It will increase the entertainment factor in your party for sure, setting it apart from other boring company dinner parties. Imagine your otherwise serious co-workers frolicking around in funny costumes and acting out roles they are given. Or you could be one of them, prancing around with a mask on your face, trying to get into the character of your given superhero name. This will ensure your colleagues let loose and everyone has fun, leaving the stress of work at the workplace and ensuring it does not turn into a boring formal event.

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