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Pirates of the Caribbean: In Search of the Black Pearl (Land Edition)

“Pirates of the Caribbean – In Search of the Black Pearl Edition” is the latest and most unique indoor-based team building programme designed for participants who do not want to rough it out under the hot sun yet want to experience the unique feel of the ‘Pirates’ programme.

In this unique programme, participants are pirates from various tribes with unique identities. As they have lost their pirate ships to a disastrous storm, they are all ‘stranded’ on an island. The only way for them to ‘get out’ of this mysterious island is to quickly and creatively build for themselves a unique pirate ship so that they can get out of the dire situation.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: In Search of the Black Pearl” (Land Edition) is a creative team building programme which brings out the creativity in every participant. Everyone contributes in their own unique ways to the final construct of their pirate ships. Whichever positions the participants are from, Happy Sparrow believes that they have something creative in them to contribute to the success of this programme.

Sick and tired of the usual team building programme? Why not take a leap of faith, to be like these creative Pirates to make your own unique Black Pearl?

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