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Legend of the Dragon Teambuilding Programme

The Legend of the Dragon is a land- and water-based teambuilding programme where we use the mystical creature: the dragon as the theme. Participants will have to go through some land-based teambuilding games like the Dragon Balls and the Dragon Warriors before they are put thru the ultimate test: dragon boating! As tough as it sounds, the Legend of the Dragon Teambuilding Programme is actually very safe and participants in their 60’s are all welcome to join as long as they don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions which may affect their health during the activities.

The Legend of The Dragon programme requires a lot of teamwork and coordination in order to solve the Dragon based-missions, and of course, to row a dragon boat. Participants have to work as one and communicate their strategy in order to emerge victoriously. This is a highly sought after half-day teambuilding activities for most companies as participants will be rewarded with BBQ chicken wings, satays and chilled drinks at the end too!

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