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Going Beyond Titles and Toward Rapport through Team Building

A few months ago, a certain professional went viral on social media for calling out an airline staff for not calling her by her title. The basis of her logic was that she worked so much for that title, that she wanted people to address her correctly. Maybe she was having a bad day, or maybe she really puts a premium on titles. Either way, that says one thing about her, and that’s the lack of team building or even just teamwork in her life.

Team building activities in Singapore, or wherever in the world, are important in strengthening your organization or business’ human foundation. It’s a great way to know your mates at work or in your organization. Most importantly, it helps you work together to operate efficiently, titles or no titles.

Team building is not limited to private companies. Student organizations, nonprofits, and even families can benefit from it.

How Team Building Activities Work

Most of the time, companies or organizations hire a professional team to help them craft and execute an effective program. Both parties meet to determine what kinds of activities they will include in the program on the basis of the client’s organizational objective. Some of these activities involve athletics, fun games, and even complex problem-solving. These activities teach employees or organization members to coordinate and communicate in order to efficiently accomplish their goal. It could be a relay race, a scavenger hunt or a team sporting event. Most companies and organizations conduct teambuilding activities towards certain objectives. However, there are also companies and organizations that want their people to relax and just have fun.

Why it Works

Team building events work because they encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, befriend their colleagues and get to know them better. Enriched knowledge about your colleagues is always helpful in communicating and working with them once you’re all back in your cubicles. More importantly, it allows people to see each other as individuals deeply beyond titles and understand both their strengths and weaknesses. In a lot of instances, people feel more bonded with each other after the activity simply because they now have a shared experience outside the workplace or formal organizational setting.

What it Entails

It is important to conduct team building activities far and away from areas of work and routine. That’s why a lot of these programs are held in camping areas, beaches, and even near mountains. Corporate seminar activities like the famous ‘trust fall’ is very much passe. Hiking, rowing, adventure hunts and mystery game room type of activities constitute today’s team building trends.

Happy Sparrow

We are Happy Sparrow Team Building Activities and we are based in Singapore. Our programs are designed to be fun while they build trust and motivation. A pleasurable day spent together surrounded by the beauty of Asian nature is something all people should be willing to donate time to accomplish. The result is a happier group and a bonded team ready to face any challenges.

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