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Food Based Team Building

Team building with food? What kind of crazy idea is that? How many times you’re your mum asked you not to play with your food? Are we even in the right frame of mind to incorporate a “Food-based” teambuilding programme for the corporate companies? Oh well…

               “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

~Virginia Woolf

There you go…The perfect answer to above innovation.

When teambuilding companies run teambuilding programmes, 90% of the time, they will incorporate food to ‘feed’ the hungry participants, to tame them down through good food and drinks. Be it in a buffet form, in a snacks form, in a high team format, as long as there are good food on the table, participants will be happy; Happy enough, to partake in part 2 of the teambuilding programme, that is.

Food transcends cultures and races, and when food is being incorporated into teambuilding activities, it actually made the programmes more exciting with lots of variations. For example, in a Food-based Teambuilding programme, participants are required to work together to in search of good food through “mission based” activities. Through “experiential based” activities, they also learn about the uniqueness of certain food by learning cultures and heritage of other races too. Lastly, using a ‘team based’ activities through food, we allow participants to show case their cooking talents to dish out the most amazing food using ingredients that are pre planned for them. At the end of the day, all the participants of various groups are able to enjoy the marvellicious food dished out by their own colleagues.

All these food based teambuilding activities do indeed improve teamwork amongst colleagues in an office environment since the food-based activities allows them to further understand their colleagues in a more informal and warm setting.

Now, who says you can’t ‘play’ with your food?




Written by:
Jack Sparrow Chen
Chief Planner
Happy Sparrow Pte Ltd
3 Jun 16


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