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Counter-Strike Resurrection – Paint Ball Edition


The PC game Counter-Strike used to hold many great memories for all of us many years ago, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I am sure most of us also indulged in endless hours of Counter-Strike fun before! What if we can relive the action and fun of Counter-Strike again? The best part is that you are able to play the game physically in the real world instead of sitting in front of a PC, and play as “Terrorists” who will plant the bomb or play as “Counter-Terrorists” with the aim of eliminating the “Terrorists” and defusing the bomb. You get to plan, seek, disrupt and destroy in a real life but safe environment.

Leveraging on paintball as the means, participants will be able to defend and attack in a customised ͚war-zone͛ where the Counter-Terrorists will pit their strengths against the Terrorists just like in the Counter-Strike game which we loved to play in the past. The only difference this time is, you get to feel the pain of the thud on your vest  (safely of course)!

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