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Can a corporate retreat be virtual?

Yes, a virtual retreat is possible! However, a few things to keep in mind while planning a virtual team retreat. To begin, you’ll need to examine your team’s time zones. It would help if you also ensured that the activities you pick are entertaining and appropriate for a virtual environment. A virtual retreat’s preparation process is comparable to an in-person retreat, but there are a few critical distinctions to remember. You can put up a successful and entertaining virtual getaway for your company with careful preparation and attention to detail!

A virtual staff retreat, also known as a virtual team building activity, is an online event in which employees gather to obtain new views, reflect on work, and get to know one another away from the daily grind.

Virtual corporate retreats are growing in popularity because they provide many of the same advantages as in-person retreats without travelling. With proper preparation, virtual business vacations may be just as effective as their in-person counterparts! Thus, it is easier to run virtual retreats than physical retreats in front of a computer screen.

Considerations for virtual retreats

Time zones:

Make sure to account for all of your remote team members’ time zones. This will assist guarantee that everyone can participate in the retreat’s activities and festivities.


Select interesting activities that are suited for a virtual context. There are a plethora of wonderful online team-building exercises that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.


A virtual retreat’s planning procedure is comparable to an in-person retreat. There are, however, a few crucial distinctions to be aware of. Pay close attention to the details to guarantee that everyone has a successful and fun retreat — especially so for remote teams that do not meet often in real life!

Best Virtual retreat ideas

  1. Virtual book club

Nothing beats this online getaway concept if you have bookworms on your team. Before the meeting, ask for book recommendations and ensure everyone has the audiobook, paperback, or eBook.

Allow enough time for the team to study a part of the full book before meeting electronically to discuss it. Everyone is welcome to come prepared with two questions, two takeaways, and various viewpoints.

  1. Virtual movie screening

You may even organize a virtual movie screening with your co-workers. Invite everyone to watch the movie together, discuss each others’ reactions in real-time, and then debrief at the conclusion. Before the event, you may provide fun screening refreshments like popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, and other treats. Alternatively, choose a short series that you can all watch in one sitting.

  1. Online escape games

Another popular activity for groups is online escape games. To leave the chamber, your gang must work together to answer cryptic puzzles, follow clues, and discover the number or key needed. For instance, we recently completed an escape game that resembled an art robbery. This is great for online team building activities.

There are many different types of escape games to pick from. You might be able to locate one with a theme that corresponds to your company, industry, or other getaway plans.

  1. Virtual self-care and/or fitness retreats

This might be everything from guided meditation to applying face masks to getting pedicures as a group. Individuals can visit salons and share updates and photos with their co-workers to spread positive energy.

You might also arrange a fitness competition to encourage participants to be active.

  1. Virtual creative challenges

Another option is to have your staff engage in an art or writing challenge as part of your corporate retreat. This might be anything from painting, sketching, writing, or anything else.

How does one organize a virtual retreat?

  1. Secure technology

Securing a place is one of the most critical aspects of preparing a typical business retreat. Similarly, selecting technology is one of the most crucial aspects of arranging a virtual business retreat. This is essential during the planning process.

Virtual meeting software is the venue for virtual retreats. Make sure the online platforms you pick are appropriate for your budget, quantity of visitors, and desired agenda.

The following are some of the most popular video conferencing platforms:



Microsoft Teams 

Google Hangouts


  1. Have an event team

Even if the retreat is entirely online, arranging a retreat is not an individual activity. Form a committee and go into the specifics if you haven’t already.

  1. Send invitations

Send official invites to your personnel once you’ve laid the basis for your event and nailed down all of the crucial elements. Allow ample time between the official announcement and the event start time for staff to prepare ahead and clear their schedules. Send invites no later than one month prior to the commencement of your retreat to guarantee optimum attendance.

  1. Let the Event BEGIN!

You may sit back and wait for the retreat to arrive once you’ve worked out the specifics, tested the technology, sent out invites, and practised your presentations.

Gather your committee, greet your visitors, and carry out the agenda when the retreat arrives. Take time to interact with your team, enjoy the benefits of your labour, and document everything with photos, films, and sound snippets.


With some careful planning, a virtual corporate retreat can be a great way to build teamwork and relationships within your company. Follow these tips to ensure a successful virtual retreat!

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