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Amazing Sparrow’s Food Hunt for the Gourmet-Minded

We love to talk about food, but what’s better than talking about them? Tasting them of course. The city may be small, but Singapore houses a boatload of delicious cuisine, thanks to its multicultural heritage. They may be found in 5-star restaurants, or in quaint little stalls that hardly stand out. As a Singaporean, how well do you know about the local cuisine and what makes them so astounding?

Amazing Sparrow's Food Hunt

A Dining Race Around Singapore

Amazing Sparrow’s Food Hunt is a team building opportunity for the gourmet-minded. Participants will go through a race full of challenges, leading to Singapore’s exotic flavors that you never knew existed before.

The Food Hunt brings people closer together as conversing about the food you like is a great way to break down the “wall”, leading to a higher level of cooperation and trust. Teams will solve various puzzles, receive clues, and travel around Singapore in a frantic dining race. At the end of the race, everyone will recount their adventure from this enriching team bonding experience.

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