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Activities for Corporate Team Building in Singapore

Corporate team building has greatly evolved in the past decade. Companies and team building agencies constantly update their programs to keep employees and organization members on their toes during their team building sessions. Employees see team building as an exciting thing to look forward to as activities now are different from those of yesteryears. There are no longer “trust falls” and other tasks that they’ve done in the past and that are boring.

If you are a company or organization looking for new activities for corporate team building in 2019, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most fun and popular activities for corporate team building.

All of these activities are prepared and executed by our team, the Happy Sparrow Team Building Adventures team.

Activities for Corporate Team Building in Singapore

“Dance That Dance Move” Team Building Programme

Busting a move probably isn’t new for your employees, teammates, or organization mates. You may be doing it already when you’re out partying on the Friday after work. But you may have not yet done it for a higher purpose, which is teamwork.

Through our program, we teach groups to learn the steps to the latest dance trends, such as Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom“, BTS’ “Idol”, or Drake’s “In My Feelings”. Learning to dance with the people you work and relate with is an entertaining way to foster teamwork.

Flash Mob Team Building

This activity takes you and your team to a higher level by challenging you to dance out on the streets! It encourages teamwork, allows you to build confidence, and get out of your comfort zone so you can perform in public.

This activity actually checks off other objectives on your list. First, you get to promote your company or organization to prospect talent. People, especially those are looking for jobs, are more likely to take interest in you if they see that you have a fun and engaging company culture. Second, it helps you promote your company to your current and prospect clients.

Tyre Changing Team Building Program

You may know how to drive, but do you and your teammates know how to change tyres? A lot of Singaporeans would rather ask for help. This program gives you the opportunity to learn new skills while teaching your work or organization mates the values of coordination, communication, and efficiency. There are only a few team building agencies that do this globally, and our team is one of them!

Row, Row, Row Your Paper Boat Adventure

This is another unique corporate team building activity that lets your team experience fun while doing something that’s really challenging. During this activity, teams should create paper boats that can float on water. And we’re not just talking about simple origami paper boats – but life-sized boats made of thick paper like cardboard and old boxes!

Happy Sparrow Team Building Adventures

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