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7 Exciting New Corporate Training Ideas You Should Know

Corporate training

In today’s fast-paced world, many companies are struggling with employee engagement and retention. This is why it has become increasingly important to invest in corporate team building Singapore companies that can conduct training programs that foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among existing employees.

Apart from the mundane employee training sessions such as instructor-led training, skills training, corporate learning, time management training, employee development and leadership training, why not organise team building programs that are exciting and engaging? If you’re looking for new ideas for your next corporate training program, here are 7 creative ways to get your workers engaged and improve the overall employee experience.

Paintball Employee Training Activity

Paintball is a great activity because it involves speed and accuracy while giving your coworkers time to chat over lunch or drinks after everyone has showered off any paint residues! The goal is simple; there can only be one winner. This game can get competitive quickly which makes this an ideal choice if you want something with quick rounds where teammates need to divide up tasks based on each person’s strengths.

Team Building Tag Training Sessions

In this team building game, two people from opposite teams will be “It.” The rest of their team members will try to get away without getting caught by the other person who has been tagged as “It.” If they do get caught, then they switch with the person who tagged them and become “It,” while the other person becomes one of their teammates again! The only rule in this game is that once you are caught, you cannot get tagged again until everyone on your team has either been caught or successfully escaped.

Scavenger Hunt Game

For this team building program, you can host a scavenger hunt anywhere from your office building or even outside depending on how many people are participating. Whoever ends up winning gets a prize at the end of the evening! Make sure that there aren’t too many rules because the fun of this game is making things up as you go along.

Guess Game

This game is great for testing how well team members know each other. One person will be the quizmaster, and they will ask a question about one of their teammates. The rest of the team then has to try and guess who that teammate is based on the answer to the question. The goal of this game is to get as many questions correct as possible in order to win!

Catch the Thief

This game is a classic favourite. One team will be chosen as the thieves and one team will be chosen as the detectives. The detectives have to catch the thieves by tagging them with a ball. If a thief is hit, they are out of the game and must sit down. The last thief caught wins the game for their team.

Human Knot

In this game, all team members stand in a circle facing inward. Then, everyone puts their right hand into the middle of the circle and grabs someone else’s hand. They do the same thing with their left hand. Now, everyone needs to untangle themselves without letting go of anyone’s hands! It can be tricky, but it’s a lot of fun to try and figure out.

The Minute to Win It Game

This team building game is perfect for when you have a lot of employees who are working in different locations. The goal is to complete all the tasks within 60 seconds! This can be done by either splitting everyone into teams or having individuals compete against each other. Some of the tasks you can include are listed below:

– Stack 20 coins as quickly as possible

– Hammer a nail into a board using only your thumb

– Tape a quarter to your forehead and walk across the room without dropping it

– Hang three sheets of paper in 60 seconds or less


These are just a few ideas for corporate team building activities Singapore is famous for that can help improve employee engagement, communication, and collaboration. If you’re looking for something new and exciting that employees benefit from, then these activities are definitely worth considering!

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