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3 places to hold your corporate retreat in Batam

Batam is a lovely Indonesian island conveniently placed near the Malacca Strait and Singapore. Batam is a gateway to the Riau Archipelago in Sumatra, which is only 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore’s harborfront. Many Singaporeans who want to get away from the city travel to this tiny island on weekends since it has numerous nice hotels and resorts, good golf courses, and exciting things to see.

Batam is a popular destination for corporate retreats and corporate team building. The island offers a variety of hotels and resorts and golf courses, and other recreational facilities. Batam is also known for its natural beauty, with beaches, mountains, and forests within easy reach. This makes it an ideal location for a company retreat or overseas retreat.

Several companies offer services for corporate retreats in Batam. These companies can provide everything from transportation to accommodations and activities. They can also help you plan your itinerary and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Accommodations for corporate retreats in Batam

Accommodations are an essential factor for a corporate retreat. This is because it sets the tone of the entire trip. Accommodations can also be costly, and this is where budgeting should come in. Here, we have listed two potential places for accommodations. These two places offer packages for company retreats.

1. Holiday inn resort

The Holiday Inn Resort Batam is Batam’s only all-suite luxury resort. The Waterfront City Boat Terminal is just minutes away, and Singapore is only a short ferry trip away. Each of the 235 premium suites, spread across 3.4 hectares of open space and lush foliage, has a private balcony. Visitors may select between large one or two-bedroom rooms, all stylishly decorated and fitted to ensure unsurpassed comfort.

2. Montigo Resorts, Nongsa

Montigo Resorts in Nongsa provides a two-day, one-night business retreat package that includes a Deluxe Two-Bedroom Villa as well as water sports and spa treatments.

Nongsa’s Montigo Resorts promises a magnificent getaway in a paradise of crystal blue sea and kaleidoscopic sunsets. In a private villa, let loose and immerse yourself in stunning island vistas and a sumptuous lifestyle. They have the ideal spot for your family vacation, whether you want a calm getaway or an action-packed experience.

3. KTM Resort

The KTM resort is located to the west of Batam. KTM offers a variety of facilities and activities for teams and groups and is a popular tourist destination. If you’ve ever ridden the Sekupang ferry, you’ve probably spotted the big Buddhist statue as you approach the harbour. That is where the KTM resort may be found.

KTM is a fantastic spot to spend an entire day. They feature a spa, Paintball, basketball, tennis, and ATV courts. A huge pool with a poolside bar and a seaside restaurant with a spectacular view of the Singapore skyline is available. If you like, you may even do some fishing from the jetty.

Activities to do in Batam for team building

When it comes to company retreats, the main focus will always be team building. This is to ensure that the employees can form tight nit relationships with one another. You know what they say; the more bonded you are, the better work is being produced! Here are some ideas for team-building activities.

  1. Cooking classes in Batam

Indonesia boasts one of the world’s top kitchens! Get up early and join an authentic Batam Cooking Class with culinary specialists teaching you the local recipes as early as 9 a.m. Starting with a visit to the local market to gather goods, followed by an informative cooking instruction and a private lunch with the chef.

  1. Paintball and ATV in Batam

Are you ready to immerse yourself in Batam’s natural beauty? It’s time for you and your colleagues to test your mettle on Nongsa Batam’s challenging course. Nongsa Batam offers single and tandem ATV Go-Kart rides. It also provides action-packed Paintball after the thrilling ATV ride. Play Paintball like it’s a real fight to get your adrenaline pumping.

  1. Art Jamming Workshop

Playing, painting, sponging, and spraying are all part of art. Welcome to the realm of self-expression. Put on your apron and face a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild. Art Jamming is the most entertaining team activity you can do with a paintbrush because of this. No prior sketching or painting experience is necessary. There are competent artists on hand to help you the best they can! This activity is suitable for every hotel and resort as it is mainly an indoor activity.

  1. Water activities

Batam is a popular location for water-related activities and sports, with a high number of visitors flocking to the island. Batam is an ideal destination for water activities due to its lengthy coastline, beaches, and rapid growth of local enterprises.

In Batam, you may participate in a variety of water activities. Examples are banana boat excursions, jet ski trips, snorkelling, and many more activities. These water sports activities may be a terrific way for everyone to bond and have fun while doing so.


When planning your corporate retreat, be sure to consider the type of activities suitable for your team. Several team-building activities can be done on the island, such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. You can also arrange for dinner on the beach or in a hotel.

Batam is an excellent location for a corporate retreat or team-building activity. With its beautiful scenery and variety of hotels and resorts, it will make your company retreat a success.

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