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11 Corporate Retreat Ideas in Singapore

Are you planning a corporate retreat in Singapore? Corporate team building games are a great way to bond your team and work together. Here are some fun corporate team bonding activities for your corporate retreat ideas that will have your team laughing and learning together in no time!

What is a corporate retreat, and why is it important?

Depending on budget and corporate traditions, this may be a day-long event, an off-site retreat, a quick get-together over a few hours, or even a staff party. A retreat allows employees to sit back and relax, delivering a welcome break from the routine regardless of the style.

Allowing some breaks for co-workers to socialize helps strengthen working relationships inside the workplace. Providing a calm environment helps refresh personnel and makes them feel valued. Corporate retreat mainly has team building games or team building activities. Company retreat has to be in a fun and engaging environment, or it would be a waste of time for the people in the company.

Company retreat ideas in Singapore

There are several company retreat options in Singapore ranging from exciting outdoor experiences to relaxing virtual activities. In any case, it helps co-workers to relax and bond with one another.

Outdoor activities

One of the finest methods to have an exciting team building activity is to have team members work together in several thrilling game modes. In the sun, team members must collaborate on several game goals. As a result, team bonding will be encouraged as they must work together to achieve challenges and win games. A fun team building activity is usually held outdoors anyways!

1. Laser tag

Laser Tag is ideal for both young and older people, and can be played both outdoors and inside, making it an excellent choice for any corporate team building event.

You may pick from various missions, including Capture the Flag, Mission Impossible, and Domination. The many game objectives will develop more camaraderie and allow for stronger group bonding.

2. Escape room

Work with your teammates to solve challenging puzzles under a time constraint in one of Singapore’s most popular team building games. Escape rooms are a terrific way to bond as a team because there are so many different mysteries and themes to select from. The entire team will be challenged mentally, and the only way to escape is to have excellent teamwork.

3. Amazing Race

This entertaining team building game takes you and your colleagues throughout Singapore to perform individual tasks. Teams go from checkpoint to checkpoint, with each task requiring them to complete before moving on to the next. To tackle the problems, creative thinking is necessary. This has been proven to be a great team-building game.

4. Go-Karts

You compete in specially created Go-Kart races with your co-workers to discover who has the finest speed driving skills! The team members get to choose their preferred circuit, which might range from a world-famous international racing track to a karting arena track.

Participants can also select from a variety of Go-Kart vehicles. Furthermore, it is also a great way for some participants to show their best speed driving skills.


Workshops are an excellent opportunity for co-workers to get together and socialize. This is because they will be acquiring new abilities, and having a shared learning experience will help them bond more closely. As not everyone in a company is physically in shape — such events would make for a great corporate team building activity.

1. Clay making workshop

Clay Making Workshops are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, as you may make whatever type of clay figurine you like. You might make little figures of foods like cheesecake or macarons or even iconic cartoon characters. Participants will learn to blend colours using various coloured clay to get their desired results. They will also be taught basic clay shaping skills and hands-on experience making their clay figurine.

2. Terrarium workshop

Terrarium Workshop is a fun and peaceful team-building exercise in which you will learn the fundamentals of making your own terrarium and how to decorate it with coloured sand, stones, and charming figures.

Participants can show off their creations to their peers and explain why they chose to design their terrarium jars in a certain way.

3. Candle making workshop

Candle Making Workshop is one of Singapore’s newest creative workshops, and it’s quickly gaining popularity. If you’re searching for a unique workshop for your next business team building event in Singapore, look no further.

Participants learn how to make candles by melting candle wax in the proper temperature range, and then designing, setting, and chilling their own candle masterpieces.

4. Video workshop

Each team must collaborate to create a unique short movie that includes the whole video production process – storyboarding, directing, filming, acting, and post-production editing. Video workshops may be tailored to meet the needs of your organization or group, with several video topics to choose from. This is one of the more popular corporate team building activities.

Virtual team building activities

Due to the pandemic and other circumstances, most offices or work locations are now working from home. As a result, here are a few virtual team building event ideas for co-workers to come together and socialize.

1. Virtual art-making

A calming, pleasant, and gratifying painting session is a terrific pastime to attempt at home. Let your imagination go wild and create a masterpiece to hang in your house or business. Acrylic paints, canvas or tote bags, pencils, erasers, and other supplies are given.

2. Virtual food quest

Teams must complete ten levels of interactive food-related activities in this epic gastronomic adventure. They will have to work together to solve the many problems they confront while also learning about other cuisines. They’ll also be collecting ingredients in a race against the time.

Virtual Food Quest is a light-hearted and enjoyable team-building event created by the company’s in-house game specialists that will put participants’ communication and collaboration to the test!

3. Virtual party mania

Virtual Party Mania promises to be a humorous and enjoyable virtual team bonding experience that will energize and unite your group. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in various innovative and funny party games through video conferences, which will provide plenty of opportunities for laughter and good memories.

Virtual Party Mania’s games are purposefully built with team bonding aspects to aid in developing togetherness via the power of fun and laughter.


Corporate retreats are a great way to bond your team and work together. With these corporate retreat ideas, you’ll be able to have a successful event that everyone will enjoy and remember!

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